About Us

Cleaning Services Rochester” is a well known company which is based in Rochester, NY. We not only offer our services to the immediate Rochester area, but also to the areas surrounding Rochester. We are properly licensed and insured and offer the highest in standards of full cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients. We are not just another cleaning company, but a cleaning company that takes pride in our work standards, employing only the best when it comes to our highly trained staff and cleaning specialists. Our relationship with the clients is very important to us. We offer quality cleaning services to each individual or commercial setting, as a separate plan with a goal. Our goal is to see that each client receives complete satisfaction and communication in setting up a “personal cleaning plan” which fits their needs and schedule. You are not just a “number” or “work order” at Cleaning Services Rochester.

The needs of every client are thoroughly analyzed as unique to each customer, and a care plan is created for your utmost in convenience and affordability. Our “up-to-date” equipment and solutions are what puts us on top of every task. If you need a one time service or become a regular using our cleaning service, they are both important and we will give each and everyone our 100 per cent. When it comes to the best cleaning services in Rochester, and the surrounding areas, you will definitely want to go with a reliable, well trained, and insured cleaning company such as us, at Cleaning Services Rochester, NY.